Tango’s Top 10 Commercial Real Estate Myths – Myth #10

10 CRE Myths intro

As a tip of the hat to David Letterman, Tango Commercial Real Estate has established a “Top Ten” list of commercial real estate myths. We will be revealing one new myth every week for the next 10 weeks.

We don’t want you looking like the poor guy in the picture above! Hire a broker!

Here’s Myth Number 10….

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What do you think Myth #9 will be? Let us know!

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Arizona Becomes First In Nation To Pave the Way for 5G Technology Deployment Statewide

A few days ago, Arizona became the first state in the nation to streamline the deployment of small cell technology that will give birth to the next generation of wireless communication, 5G. For more information see House Bill 2365

It will be interesting to see what impact this revolutionary technology will have on commercial real estate. Will there be more data centers? Will office space go the way of the buggy whip or will there be more co-working  concepts such as WeWorkWeWork ?

What types of pervasive computing applications and internet of things will be deployed using the additional bandwidth available?

Will this be a revolutionary technology that the Tucson business community will leverage?

What do you think?


Invest Southwest Venture Madness

Check out the competing companies at Venture Madness. Great energy, lots of innovative business concepts with considerable upside potential. Needless to say, things are hopping in Arizona! It is very interesting to see how many Tucson companies participated — NONE! Given our talk and hype about entrepreneurship you’d think we’d have a presence. Par for the course!

But wait!!!! There’s more!!!!! According to Bloomberg Markets “Most Innovative States” rankings for 2016, Arizona has jumped 4 spots to #15 in the country. Individual category rankings position Arizona at #6 in Tech Company Density and #10 in STEM Concentration.

Where does Tucson fit in this picture? Anyone? Anyone?