Intel Expanding in Arizona

Intel has announced its plans to expand in Chandler, Arizona. With a $7 billion investment, Intel will complete one of the world’s most advanced factories and create 3,000 high-wage jobs. This is another major company that has or will be helping the Phoenix area economy, but it begs the question: what about Tucson? Read the full article here and let us know why you think businesses continue to choose Phoenix over Tucson!

One thought on “Intel Expanding in Arizona

  1. I have been told many times by long time Tucson residents that the elected officials on the Tucson City Council are the PROBLEM. I have been told that Tucson has lost the opportunity to land some really big corporations. I know from a friend in California who consults Tesla that Tucson was not taken seriously by Tesla when it was “considering” Tucson for the battery plant that is being build near Reno. I have been told that Grand Canyon University chose Phoenix over Tucson for their main campus due to problems with the City Council.


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