Intel Expanding in Arizona

Intel has announced its plans to expand in Chandler, Arizona. With a $7 billion investment, Intel will complete one of the world’s most advanced factories and create 3,000 high-wage jobs. This is another major company that has or will be helping the Phoenix area economy, but it begs the question: what about Tucson? Read the full article here and let us know why you think businesses continue to choose Phoenix over Tucson!

World View Speedbump?

In an interesting turn of events today, Superior Court Judge Catherine Woods has ruled against Pima County in a case involving controversial company World View. Goldwater Institute requested that the county’s lease with World View be declared unlawful. Now, taxpayers will not be paying towards the new facility meant for World View. Instead, World View is subject to the same lease rates as every other Pima County business to occupy their new facility. What do you think of the ruling? Read the full article here.