Tucson Cracks the Top 25!…For Retirement

25 Great Places In 2016 To Follow Your Passions In Retirement, a Forbes article, lists Tucson at number 23. Siting low median home prices and costs of living below the national average, not to mention the nice weather, Tucson is a great destination for those looking to retire. A major con though: “Above-average serious crime rate. Noted: So-so economy.” Are there any connections here? Do you think crime will decrease if we fix the economy? How can we make Tucson a top retirement and employment destination?

Vector Space Coming To Town

Vector Space, a manufacturer of micro-satellites, plans to build 76,000 square feet in Tucson by 2018 and bring around 200 jobs to the community. The company builds small satellites to launch into space. According to CEO Jim Cantrell, there are multiple applications for these satellites including research on the atmosphere and mapping with Google. Vector’s plant will be located near the controversial World View workplace in the county’s Aerospace, Defense and Technology Business and Research Park. What do you think about Vector’s presence in Tucson? Read the full article here.

Samsung In Tucson? Of Course

SmartThings, an innovative home automation systems company, continues to thrive in downtown Tucson. Tango partner Bob Davis met Tyler Hall, the company’s VP of operations, through the McGuire Center for Entrepreneurship at the University of Arizona in 2008 and later helped in finding the perfect downtown space for Hall and the startup company. SmartThings has since been bought by Samsung and has added more employees in its Tucson location. Click here to read more about SmartThings and Tyler Hall!

RMD Is Changing the Game

Revolutionary Medical Devices (RMD) has developed a product called the SuperNOVA that makes surgeries safer. Without the SuperNOVA, a patient receiving sedation will have relaxed muscles in the airway, which can lead to potentially life-threatening complications such as shallow breathing and pneumonia. With the SuperNOVA, continuous nasal oxygenation keeps a positive flow of oxygen to the lungs and manages those complications. With sales momentum building on the East coast, RMD is poised to revolutionize the standard of surgery. Help Tango share their information and wish them continued success in the future! Also, be sure to check out their marketing video to learn more about their life-saving innovation.