The Future is Here!

Technology has come a long way, but Moment’s new equipment is unbelievable. Moment is a wearable device that uses touch patterns to give you the information you need, whether it’s directions, the time, or help creating music. These distinct vibrations become more intuitive over time, meaning you can stay engaged with the people in front of you rather than checking your phone or devices. Check out Moment’s website here and experience the future for yourself!

Arizona Growing With Software Companies

Greg Head compiled a list of all software companies in the state of Arizona, and the results are surprising: the industry is actually booming. Head, who is involved with a couple software companies in the Phoenix area, plans to keep the list up to date and accessible to those who want accurate information for investing or other purposes. Pulling from the gathered info, Head estimated about 18,000 direct jobs in Arizona. Scottsdale had 45% of the companies followed by Phoenix at 36% and the East Valley with 12%, which leads to the big question: what about Tucson? Is Tucson unable to offer something that the Phoenix area can? Read the whole article here and share your thoughts below!