Time For a Change?

It seems the days of shop class are gone. For some, they never even existed… The three Rs (reading, writing, and arithmetic) are highly stressed in today’s school systems with the reasoning that those are the subjects that matter in college. Excel in those classes and you’ll be on your way to a professional degree and successful life. But what about vocational skills? They used to be a part of every high school curriculum. Students had a hands on approach to learning useful skills that could evolve into hobbies or even careers. Unfortunately, budget cuts have nearly forced these classes into extinction, leaving students with one path to success: excel in the three Rs and get your four year degree. This Forbes article sheds light on the realities of higher education. Do you agree? Share your comments below!

One thought on “Time For a Change?

  1. Many of the best engineers are the ones that know how to to turn wrenches or use a lathe in shop class (including my brother)

    Some of the best architects took drafting in high school.

    I know a paralegal that is getting a degree in engineering and law to become a patent attorney in a world class IP firm.

    Not to mention, many of the trades are GREAT PAY!!!!!


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