Space Visit from Tucson

PH_Capsule_5The Pima County Board of Supervisors is discussing a plan to finance $15 million for World View, a travel company that carries manned capsules into low space orbit. If this financing plan is approved, Pima County stands to bring in $23.6 million over a 20-year term. This isn’t new territory for Pima County, with similar deals having been made with Ventana Medical Systems, HomeGoods, and Accelerate Diagnostics. While some view these deals as a step in the right direction to bring large corporations to Tucson, others are concerned about the county taking on a great amount of debt. Is space travel the right industry for Pima County to bring to Tucson? Read the full article here.

One thought on “Space Visit from Tucson

  1. Good Luck with this hay burner Pima County! You’ve bet the farm! What can you do for a real Tucson startup that already has $2MM in booked revenue and no outside investment?


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