Great Article On Drone Technology!

Seems there’s never a dull moment in today’s fast-moving tech world. Walmart recently requested an exemption to the FAA regulations in order to test the use of drones for deliveries and property surveillance. Apollo Robotic Systems, a Tango partner and Tucson based hardware and software company, weighed in on the article: “The recent FAA exemption request from Walmart comes at a pivotal time for the drone industry. Walmart clearly understands the immense value behind using drones, including everything from safer parking lots to the inevitable future of drone delivery. Here at Apollo, we are on a mission to make drones safe, while advancing society through fully autonomous systems. Amazon and Walmart are the first of many market movers that are actively testing the waters of drone technology, and with the FAA-regulated air traffic management provided by companies like Apollo, that will become a reality.” We’re excited at Tango to see opportunities like this arise for our current and future partners. Click here for the full article!

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